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National Association of Medical Supplement Advisors

Disabilty Medicare

If you become eligible for Part B benefits before age 65 because of a disability or permanent kidney failure, federal law guarantees you access to the Medicare supplement policy of your choice when you reach age 65. During the first 6 months you are age 65 and enrolled in Part B, you can buy the policy of your choice regardless of whether you had enrolled in Part B before you were 65.

As with all of our products, our Medicare supplement insurance policies are backed by quality service. Policyholders will get prompt, individualized assistance from a personal agent plus the added convenience of our optional UA Partners services program with Automatic Claims Filing, Dental, and Vision Benefits. In addition, with every UA policy comes the freedom of choice. There are no restrictions on which doctors or hospitals you choose to use.

We are very proud to represent the one company that has consistantly offered Medicare Supplement plans to those who are eligible for Medicare before age 65.

Some of the benefits provided are:

  • Freedom of choice, choose any doctor or hospital, nationwide.
  • Guaranteed renewable.
  • No networks or referrals.
  • Optional Prescription Plan.